Brand strength or brand power is what fuels the performance of the most admired companies in our industry and over the past four years, we've made sweeping changes to our organization to support and nurture brand power.
One of the most important changes that we made was decentralizing the management of our brands–uniting control of all decisions across channels, geographies, and product categories under separate and distinct leadership. This adds to brand strength by ensuring that a consistent vision gets implemented everywhere. We also chose to invest more aggressively in direct-to-consumer retail capabilities to build a company with ultimately better and more sustainable margins.

 As part of our development, I’m pleased to announce that we are evolving our corporate logo to include the phrase “A Portfolio of Brands.” Adding this phrase makes the logo better reflect the nature of our company as it exists now, and where we are heading in the future: A strong collection of lifestyle-oriented, in-demand brands.
Thank you for your interest in our company. I am excited about what the coming years have in store for Liz Claiborne Inc. and I hope you are too.